A Review of Salby Damned by Ian D. Moore.


This would make a great introduction to the zombie genre.

It has been a while since I’d read a zombie book, largely because the stories and situations became quite repetitive. That was not the case with Salby Damned by Ian D. Moore. I was pleasantly surprised at the fresh concepts from the start and how they carried through until the end. The story was believable and, together with the depth of character development, kept me interested and wanting to see what happened.

This was a story that had its own version of zombies that I liked and for me, made it more real. The background was explained well. In addition to very well described undead action-scenes, there were interpersonal subplots, a number of gripping relationship building scenes that had me wanting more. The book involved adults as well as kids which added to the appeal.

For those fearing graphic violence, I didn’t find it bad or over-the-top. All in all, this was a fun, pleasure ride with all the elements of a good story. If you aren’t familiar with the zombie genre, I would suggest you start with this one. It is a well written story that also happens to have zombies in it.

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My review of Felipe Adan Lerma’s An Unforeseen Conventional Afternoon, a Codename: Chandler Kindle Worlds Novella.

A well written story, nicely introducing Samantha Lacroix

This was my second short written by this Felipe Adan Lerma, the first being, An Unforeseen Conventional Morning, in the Jack Daniels Kindle World. I’ve read almost all the original Jack Daniels thrillers and Codename: Chandler thrillers and in my opinion, the author knows these characters well. This book continues on where An Unconventional Morning leaves off, introducing Samantha Lacroix to Chandler.

There is a good story which allows these characters to interact and get to know one another. The personalities of both main characters come out well and this involves some very good banter between them. As the story resolves there is a guest appearance by Jack Daniels tying the two books in quite well. There are kids involved in both books which adds an element that neither Chandler or Jack Daniels are used to, but blends well with the author’s character, Samantha Lacriox.

I found this to be a well written novella introducing Konrath fans to Samantha Lacriox that will leave the reader wanting to read more about her. For readers who are unfamiliar with these Kindle Worlds, these two books would make a good introduction to these characters.

Unfortunately, Kindle Worlds books are only available on Amazon.com at this time. Hopefully they change that soon. You can find it here. http://www.amazon.com/Codename-Chandler-Unforseen-Afternoon-Samantha-ebook/dp/B00X4WX27O/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1439764121&sr=1-1&keywords=felipe+adan+lerma

A Review of Nico Laesser’s Skin Cage


A creative and unpredictable story, extremely well told.

Occasionally I come across a book that really grabs me…one that surpasses my expectations and takes me for a ride beyond the enjoyment of reading it. I found this with Skin Cage. The description of the book intrigued me but once I started reading, I was taken for a ride. The writing was descriptive yet not over-the-top. Many times I stopped and re-read a line simply because I was so impressed at the choice of wording.

The story was an emotional roller coaster evoking sadness, anger, frustration, but most impressive was love. It explored many different topics that I won’t get into so I don’t give anything away, and each person reading it may take away something different, but for me, it was an expression of the immense power of love and kindness.

I read this book much faster than most which for me is an indication of how much I was pulled into the story created by the author. It’s a story that will leave you with a lot to think about long after you reach the end. This was my first book by Nico Laeser but I have a feeling I’ll be reading every word he ever puts out.

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