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Yes, I know it’s not Friday, but it’s sounds cool and I had hoped to write this Friday.

Followers of my blog would know I’m a night owl. I like to stay up late writing or editing while the house sleeps. When I finally pack it in, I often fall asleep thinking about my characters or a story I’m working in. Like most, I occasionally wake with bizarre half distorted memories of dreams that, and some when I remember, make it into my “must write about this” list. A couple days ago I woke to one of the most vivid dreams I remember having and thought I’d share.

First I have to give you a little background. We live about 6km from the airport and are just off one of the the flight paths. It’s a small airport…20 seat planes max with the occasional Hercules landing and taking off for training. When the planes take off in our direction, they fly over about half a block from our house. We hear them but don’t take much notice.

Within a few blocks radius is a our home, our office, the primary school and high school. This has been our community for almost twenty years and we know the area well. The airport is on the shore of Lake Ontario and a road drives almost straight from there inland to our subdivision. It courses up a hill and once over the hill flattens out to out neighbourhood.

In the dream I had, my wife and I were driving along this road near the airport, as a small plane took off…nothing unusual. But in this case, as the plane took off, the noise became louder. Much louder. It was so loud we pulled over and looked out the side window to see a large jumbo jet attempting to land but way over shooting the airport. We sat and watched as the plane flew straight toward our area of town, barely making it over the crest of the hill and out of site. Seconds later, there was a tremendous explosion followed by multiple smaller ones, presumably from the gas we all heat our houses with. Black smoke was raising into the air above the trees, soon followed by the orangey red glow of the flames. There was no question of what happened, and the devastation, left us stunned and speechless, watching and wondering…what, and who was left.

In my dream, I wasn’t aware if our kids were in the car or not, and luckily I woke before considering the consequences of them being at home. I must say this was the most vivid dream I recall having. Not sure what it means. I don’t fear flying although it’s been many years, and I don’t have any foreseeable plans to. The airport is in the beginning of a two year expansion project but the idea of that has never bothered me.

Since this dream, there have been a number of times that I’ve heard a plane flying by and thought back to my dream. Doesn’t really freak me out but I do find dreams fascinating. My kids are all teens and it won’t be long before they’re moving on. The thought of that does freak me out. Who knows? Maybe thoughts of my life changing wove themselves into the dream. Perhaps the dream was pure chance, I’ll never know. I’m sure somehow, but part of this will make its way into a story.

If any of you have ever worked a dream into a story or book tell us about it in the comments and leave a link to the book. If you don’t have a book out, link to a dream related story on your blog. What was your most vivid dream?

If you wish to see where some of my dreams have led me, check out my books on the side panel.

Silas Payton


5 thoughts on “Freaky-dream Friday

  1. Interesting dream Silas,

    I love dreaming. My first book, Eternal Infinīte, was about dreaming and the main character that had amnesia, her memory came back in the form of dreams. Although she had to decipher which dreams were memories and which dreams were just dreams. She had the help of a psychiatrist to do this.

    My second book in the Infinīte Series is called, “The Thief Who Stole Eternity,” entire prologue was a lucid dream I had. You’ll just have to read the prologue to find out more, but it involved a lot of flying in outer space.
    Here’s the link on Amazon for book one, Book Two comes out in December.


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