Writing and the Influence of Music: a Tribute


I’ve long thought of writing a series of blog posts on the topic of music inspiring writing, highlighting a few songs at a time. There are few things that have the power to drive thought and emotions like music does. I love listening to music while I run and just letting my mind wander. A song can come on, stimulating a thought process and suddenly I’ve got a new book idea, or I’ve figured out a difficult scene. I’ve intended to share some of the great music that has stimulated some of my writing for a while, but today was a special kind of run and I thought it’d be a perfect day to start.

As some of you might know, we lost our family dog and companion of 18 years earlier this week. It has been difficult and emotional week and as writers do, I put up walls and barricaded myself away with my WIP editing and re-writing, just trying to get through the week. Emotions can bring out creativity and that it has. As my Facebook followers would know, the creative juices have been flowing since Monday. I’ve done skeleton outlines for seven book ideas, and dove into a book that I wrote last year trying to get through my first editing pass. The prose has been flowing like crazy. I’m in the last 8k of the book and it’s all coming together to the climax. Conveniently, it has been all I can think about.

I took a break after getting through another 1000 words this morning and went for a run. I grabbed an old MP3 player I hadn’t used in likely 8 years and hit random. A few songs in, one came on that was a perfect representation for the end of the book. The beat, the mood, the feel were perfect. So much so, I listened to it 4 times. I couldn’t wait to get home. Today would be the first day of my blog series on writing being inspired by music, although in this case it was more a representation of the writing.

When I decided to move on, I heard a few cool tracts then one came on that changed the topic of this post. It was a piano instrumental that immediately brought back a slew of memories of my dog in his prime, which would have been the last time I heard it. Hearing this one song brought down the walls. In the middle of nowhere, as the song played on, so did my memories of my good friend.

To start this series on music inspiring writing I’ll start with this one song. Oltremare by Ludovico Einaudi. Music will bring out different feelings and memories in all of us, and I don’t recall if I used to run with my dog listening to this, but it does bring back memories of his playfulness, his love of play, a little of his mischievous character, and his love of life. You can find it here. http://youtu.be/R8MzHqkNBwo

I hope you join me with my love of both music and writing in these blog posts, as I share what I enjoy from almost all varieties of music. I plan to usually highlight a few songs with each post, but to start, I share just this one. A special song from me to you.

For those who are curious about the song that represents my upcoming book, 14 Gable Lane, a supernatural thriller, it’ll be coming in a future post.

Thanks for your continued support,

Silas Payton


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    • Thanks for reblogging Eric. I’m looking forward to this. It’s been on my mind for most of the summer, I just haven’t gotten around to it. I’m hoping to get some input and feedback once I get going. 🙂

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