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This was the most enjoyable article I’ve read in quite some time. It brings back a lot of memories tied in nicely to writing and the ebook revolution. Coincidentally, I’m reading one of the author’s books right now. Check out this post, and it you like it as I’m sure you will, try his books.

Eric Lahti

Like a lot of kids growing up in the 70s and 80s I had a shit-ton of music on cassette tapes.  For those who are wondering, a shit-ton is slightly more than a short ton, but less than an full ton.  Each cassette held between twenty and thirty minutes of kick-ass music per side.  Some cassettes went up to sixty minutes per side, giving you a full hour of rockin’ before you had to flip the tape.  If you were really cool, your cassette deck would auto flip for you and you could listen to the same 120 minutes of awesome all day long.

They were dope.  They were boss.  They had tiny album notes and lyrics printed in 6pt type.  Iron Maiden’s Live After Death (may it forever be remembered as the best live album ever) almost had more paper in the fold out than cassette tape in the case.

liveafterdeath Imagine…

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