Book Review – Paralyzer by Silas Payton

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Eric Lahti

First up, let me give the official full title:

Jack Daniels and Associates: Paralyzer (Kindle Worlds) by Silas Payton

It’s a little long to look good on my blog, especially if you’re reading on a mobile device, but that’s the official full title of Paralyzer.  It immediately begs a few questions: who is Jack Daniels, who are his associates, and what is Kindle Worlds?  Well, for starters, you’re wrong.  Jack’s a woman (Jacqueline) not a guy.  That still doesn’t answer the question and I hate it when people point out I was wrong.

So that still leaves the three questions, all of which can be answered quite easily.  Those answers will make this kind of a special review because while Payton’s story is really cool (and creepy as hell), what he did is also really cool (and not creepy as hell).  So, we’re gonna break this review down into a few…

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