A Review of Nico Laesser’s Skin Cage


A creative and unpredictable story, extremely well told.

Occasionally I come across a book that really grabs me…one that surpasses my expectations and takes me for a ride beyond the enjoyment of reading it. I found this with Skin Cage. The description of the book intrigued me but once I started reading, I was taken for a ride. The writing was descriptive yet not over-the-top. Many times I stopped and re-read a line simply because I was so impressed at the choice of wording.

The story was an emotional roller coaster evoking sadness, anger, frustration, but most impressive was love. It explored many different topics that I won’t get into so I don’t give anything away, and each person reading it may take away something different, but for me, it was an expression of the immense power of love and kindness.

I read this book much faster than most which for me is an indication of how much I was pulled into the story created by the author. It’s a story that will leave you with a lot to think about long after you reach the end. This was my first book by Nico Laeser but I have a feeling I’ll be reading every word he ever puts out.

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2 thoughts on “A Review of Nico Laesser’s Skin Cage

  1. A good general insight without giving too much away Silas. I thoroughly enjoyed this tale, and like you, I came away from it with the idea that different readers will find a wide variety of emotions in mind.
    The story borders on science-fiction, but with a deep sense of humanity. Again, like you, I’ll be taking on more of Nico’s work.

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