A Review of Joshua’s Island by Patrick Hodges


My review of Patrick Hodges’ Joshua’s Island. I was a little nervous this could just be a preachy anti-bullying platform – not that there’s anything wrong with that, I just do t like to be preached to. This book was not that at all. I started reading this the night before heading out on a family trip last weekend. It was gripping from the start and so well written, I couldn’t help but talk about it. It served as a launch point to a number of great discussions about group dynamics, fitting in, abuse, and bullying.

I felt the author captured the feelings of hopelessness and helplessness very well, portraying the point of view of the victim as well as those around him. It helped explain why people around victims don’t help. Although this story covered some dark material, it did it in a very creative and entertaining way.

This was a well woven story that had me gripped from the beginning and I couldn’t wait to finish it. The characters, as well as the story, were believable and engaging. When I had to take breaks from reading, I found myself thinking about it and wondering how it would play out.

This book also stirred up a number of emotions and memories as I was bullied in grade three. I’ve always been a more quiet, reserved type and there are those who thrive on that. As chance would have it, I ran into my bully many years later at University and confronted him. He apologized. I didn’t feel any better. What does make me feel better, is to know that things are changing, and books like this are part of the solution.

This is a great read, by a great author. This book won’t be forgotten and I was very excited to hear he has another book out about one of this books characters. Well done Patrick Hodges. As I shed a tear for those who are bullied, I urge you to pick up this book. You’ll enjoy it.

You can find it on your local Amazon site. Here’s the .com location.


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