White Lady: A Jack Daniels/Bill Roberts Thriller


White Lady will be released on March 3, in the New J.A. Konrath and Associates Kindle World.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Kindle Worlds, it allows writers to write using the Intellectual Property (IP) of the originator. There are a number of great Worlds you can choose to write in like Blake Crouch’s Wayward Pines or Hugh Howie’s Silo Saga, to name just a few. Here’s a list of the current worlds.

The problem with the original Kindle Worlds is that if you wrote something, and added new characters, or places (IP) of your own it became the property of Kindle Worlds. Any future writers in Kindle Worlds could build on your story and characters. Still quite fun and a great way to get your name out there. Many very good authors have written in KW, but they know they are giving away their IP. This was the only option…until now.

Joe Konrath, and Amazon have changed this. They have worked out an aggreement whereby you can write in his Kindle World while keeping the rights to your own IP. This means you can bring his characters into your writing world! Think about this. An established author — in my case, one of my favourites — who has sold over a million books and has a following, allows you to write stories mixing your characters and his. What a great way to cross-pollinate. Some of your fans will starting reading his other works, but more likely, some of his may start reading yours. I happen to know Joe is way too busy lately and his writing has slowed so his fans are starving for more books.

You can check Joe’s Website for more details on this great opportunity.

White Lady: A Jack Daniels/Bill Roberts Thriller


Lieutenant Jack Daniels is dragged to Toronto for a Leadership in Policing Conference where she is to be the Chicago poster girl, while Captain Bains presents on their success with serial killers. The place turns into a media frenzy, when the mayor of Toronto announces an appearance to officially open the conference, in the midst of recent corruption charges. Unfortunately, the commotion becomes an opportunity for an attempt on the mayor’s life by a hit man known as the Messenger.

A dead body, a conference center full of police and media, a corrupt mayor, and a bomber…what could go wrong?

Lieutenant Jack Daniels teams up with Toronto Police Inspector, Bill Roberts, to find the hit man before he can blow up the building. When she mistakenly walks into a transvestite fashion show, little does she know, it may help her track down the killer…but will it be too late?

This novella of roughly 15k words, ties in the Jack Daniels characters of Kindle best selling author, J.A. Konrath, and the Bill Roberts characters of up-and-coming author, Silas Payton. If you like a high action thriller laced with laugh-out-loud humor, you will enjoy this book.