All Bloggers and Writers Should be on Flipboard: Here’s Why, and an Idea on Collaborating


If you’re not Flipping your writing, you should be.

How are you driving people to your blog?

If you have a blog, chances are you want people to read your words. If you didn’t, you’d be keeping them on your computer and not loading them up for the world to see. Once you have a blog and some content, the trick is to get people to your site…to get people to actually tune in and see what you have to say.

Most bloggers I know turn to Twitter and Facebook which are fun and a great way to build a following and meet connections. But, one of the best ways I have found to increase hits on my blog, is with Flipboard. It involves a very low time commitment and draws viewers from around the world. Once you have it set up, you can load post in seconds.

A recent article in Wired, describes Flipboard, the personal magazine now available on desktop and mobile browsers (PC, Mac and Android), as a beautiful, responsive, and algorithmically impressive website where you can read about your favorite topics, catch up on news, and browse photos and GIFs.

You list your own interests and Flipboard creates a magazine with many articles on the topics you have chosen. You can also create your own personal “magazines” based on your interests, giving them their own titles. You can then Flip content you like from the main magazine or the web, into your personal magazines, as well as “love” them or comment on them. You can also send it out via Tweet, Facebook, email, chat, etc.

Here’s where it gets interesting. The articles that feed into everyone’s main magazine are chosen partly by the Flipboard editorial team, and partly by the other users, meaning they come from everyone else’s personal magazines. I also have no doubt that the cream rises. The more an article gets flipped, “loved” and commented on, the more it will appear.

To add to the visibility, as the user is turning through pages in the magazine they are in, Flipboard will suggest other magazines with similar content. This could be one of yours. As users find magazines they like, they can “follow” them as well, which clips them to their main page.

Every time someone clicks onto an article, they are directed to the original source, ie. your website. So, if you have side content like a subscription button, a giveaway, or a list of your book titles, the reader will also see those!

As an example of the power of this app, I wrote an article and in a few seconds Flipped it onto one of my magazines on Flipboard, and went to bed. I woke to see a message from WordPress that there has been unusually high activity on my blog. By the end of the day I had reached 953 hits, whereas my usual before that was 20-50. Twelve days later now, that page has been hit close to 2000 times. I know that this is mainly from Flipboard. Granted this sort of traffic hasn’t happened for my other articles since, but Flipboard continues to drive significant traffic my way.

Let’s Work Together.

What I’m proposing is that you find friends with similar interests and work together to Flip each other’s writing/posts. You can look them up by user name. It’s a great app to use, is enjoyable to read on, and has lots of interesting articles. Why not help your fellow writers to get noticed as well. A couple Flips, “loves” and comments could be enough to tip the scales and drive them onto the main magazines.

I would love to be added to your list of friends!

I have interests in writing, happiness, and mindfulness, science, and music, to name a few. If anyone has similar interests, I welcome you to contact me with your areas of interest. Invite your friends to create their own magazines and follow along. Together we can have fun, find new articles and information, and be helping our our fellow authors and bloggers at the same time.

Leave a comment if you have any questions or are interested in following each other.

Let’s flip stuff together on Flipboard.

Silas Payton

Here are 2 links you might find helpful:
A Quick Tutorial on Flipboard, and
Steps to Flip Your Posts into Flipboard.

Image copied from Flipboard but I’m promoting their app so hopefully they won’t care.


24 thoughts on “All Bloggers and Writers Should be on Flipboard: Here’s Why, and an Idea on Collaborating

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting. When you sign up for Flipboard, you will be asked what your interests are. From this, Flipboard creates a general “magazine” for you that it fills with related articles. You can also create your own separate mags that you “Flip” articles you like into from the web, blogs, other Fb mags, or from your own blog. These new personal mags can then be viewed by others, and the articles reFlipped into their own mags…which may be seen by others. See the links at the end of the post for more info. Let me know how it works for you.



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  2. Hi Silas, I’ve just come straight here from your post on our Indie Author Review Exchange group on FB. It looks like you’ve found a useful tool here, so I’ll check it out because until I read your post I’d never heard of Flipboard. I’ll be sure to connect with you once I’m aboard. In the meantime, thank you for
    bringing this to the attention of so many of us – oh and I’m now following your blog by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Tom. I like your site and your books look good as well. Let me know when your Flipboard mags. are up and I’ll fav. and reFlip them to help attract attention. Silas


  3. i am very interested in this Silas but i am a techie idiot and I am very short of time. Is this really a quick thing? I blog every Monday and Friday but you may not think it has a very suitable content!


    • Hi Lucinda, Thanks for the question. I’m not very tech savvy and found it one of the easier things I’ve done. Now, I used the mobile app and followed the links on my post. Once I signed up, it asked my interests. I think you have to pick 7 but you can delete or edit them later if you like. Then you hit the red flag to bring you to a section to add your own magazine. I have one on kindle tips, writing and happiness. Then you add a bookmark…the link for this is at the bottom of the post. Then whenever you do a blog post, I hit bookmark, flip-it, which mag. I want it in, and it’s done. I know a couple people had trouble with the PC add-on (link for this is at bottom of the last link I mentioned) but I think it may be to do with security. As to what catches on…my posts on Happiness do better than writing posts but it’s hard to predict. I hope this helps.


  4. Like Tom above, I had never heard of Flipboard until I real Paul’s reblog of this post. I will definitely look into it. It looks interesting. I will look you up when I get settled in.


      • My Flipboard name is W. K. Tucker, Silas. I spent a little time there looking around and trying to get the hang of it. And thanks for the offer of help–I may have to take you up on it.


      • Found you. Start adding more web articles, including your own, to your magazines to attract followers and reFlipping. I’ll keep an eye out for new blog posts or articles you write, to reFlip into mine. Silas


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