There’s Something New Going on at Amazon. Exciting Times for Writers and Readers.

Something’s been brewing at Amazon, and it has just been announced. This is truly an exciting time for both writers and readers. Just when you thought the game had plateaued, Amazon has broken the mold once again. Thanks to the vision, time, and effort, of one of my favorite authors working together with the open-minded Amazon team, the company will be testing out something new. In fact, it’s likely the first time this has been done, anywhere…definitely on an large scale.

It was just announced that this opportunity will go live March 3, 2015. I have no doubt it’s going to be fun to watch, and to take part in. I can’t wait.

Tune in here to get the details. I’ll be outlining how writers can take part and benefit, as well listing authors involved as it unfolds.

For the announcement check out Joe Konrath’s Blog.

Follow here for the latest info. What a time to be a writer!

Silas Payton