What Will You Go Through to do What You Love?


We each have things we love to do. Some are easy, some strenuous…which is often part of the enjoyment. But what will you go through to be able to do what you love?

I love to write. I wish I had started earlier in life. When I’m actively writing a story, I escape into it. It’s on my mind constantly. I thoroughly enjoy it and have a hard time setting limits…but I can’t stop living either. I have a career and a small business, a wonderful wife, three teens (one is 12), a geriatric dog and four cats, all of which need and deserve my attention. As such, I’ve adapted my writing to fit into my lifestyle. I write anywhere, anytime.

I do most of my writing on an iPad mini, although I also use a laptop. Before everyone goes Apesh-t about ergonomics, I’m going to do a post at some point soon, addressing the merit of using a tablet for some of your writing.

With the flexibility to write anywhere, anytime, I’ve written in some bizarre places. I’ve written in hotel rooms, in many hotels in many cities while vacationing. I’ve written at the edge of an ocean and the edge of a Great Lake. I’ve written poolside in hotels, poolside in my back yard, on beaches, on docks “watching” my kids sail, in stores while my wife shopped for cloths, in the car, at the curling club while my kids played, in our gazebo, or sitting on the deck under the pergola. I’ve written in restaurants (first draft was auto corrected to restraints — no, I have not done that…yet). I’ve written in hockey arenas, on the sidelines of soccer fields and football fields. I’ve written at work (this is rare), in almost every room in the house, on every table in the house and on every seat in the house — yes, even those seats. I’ve written in bed and on the floor.

I’ve even written on the step, waiting for my very old, but wonderful dog to pee. But today, I must say, tops it all off. I may be taking this writing thing a bit too far. Today I stood writing, waiting for my dog to pee…outside in the snow…in minus twenty-five degree (Celsius) weather.

Where is the most bizarre place you’ve written? I dare someone to top today’s foolishness. Leave your best location or circumstance in the comments.

Write on,

Silas Payton

Image taken today, of my wonderful 17.5 year old dog. Oh, and it was too cold for him to pee, so he came in the house and did it…no, I’m not kidding. 🙂


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