Going Under will be released July 1, 2014

Going Under: A Bill Roberts Novel, by Silas Payton


A bizarre murder with no motive.

A strange suicide that doesn’t make sense.

Inspector Bill Roberts, the head of Toronto Police Homicide Division, decides that it’s time he finally gets back in shape after recovering from a rough encounter with a serial killer. His first workout doesn’t go well, setting the tone for an evening which goes from bad to worse. As he tries to connect two bizarre events to a recent unsolved murder, he becomes an unsuspecting target. When Bill and his homicide team start asking questions, he ends up deep in the middle of a turf war between the mafia and a local motorcycle gang, while unveiling hidden connections to local politicians and powerful people in the city of Toronto. Will he discover the reason behind the strange deaths before there is one more added to the list?

A thrill ride with lots of twists and humor combined.